Financial Assistance

We believe that every child should have access to soccer in our community. There are two programs to help those requiring financial assistance:


It is essential to register your child at KidSport/JumpStart FIRST before registering at SoccerTech. Your child’s file number is required to register with our PowerUp system. Both organizations will then direct deposit the fees into our account, upon approval.

When registering, use “SoccerTech” in the “Sport Organization” field.  Please do NOT use “Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association”.

Please note: if you should choose to register your child first in our program and fully pay for the child, we will not be able to apply KidSport or JumpStart funding against this purchase. We will only accept the financial assistance, if this process has been followed exactly.

The cost of registration will be waived for those with a valid Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance Card. Please contact for registration assistance.